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Hand Painted Glassware by Terri Newberry -Whimsicist
About Us
Terri Newberry has lived in beautiful Washington state her entire life. She started out in Bremerton, lived in Aberdeen for twenty years and currently lives in Shelton.

Over the years, Terri has expressed creativity in many forms from floral arranging, crafts, cooking and gardening. Painting is a relatively new outlet for her fascination with color. She says, "I've always been in such awe over the beauty of nature, such as a rainbow. I love how the colors all melt together, but are still distinct."

The name of her studio "Le Coeur de Joie" is pronounced (le coor de jwa). It is French for "heart of joy." She chose this name as a constant
reminder of how important it is to be happy, no matter what arises.

Terri's husband, Lantz, has been a strong support in her endeavor. She's been blessed with two children, Ambria and Chayce as well as two step- children, Heather and Cameron. 1999 gave her new inspiration when her beautiful grandson, Taylor, was born.
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