New World Brewing Co.
We're just a couple of Pacific Northwest guys who make true to style beers using only the finest ingredients from around the world. This is not just a hobby for us, but a passion. Brewing is in our blood and we find real enjoyment in crafting a fine product. With numerous micro-breweries from Seattle to Portland, we feel fortunate to be living in one of the beer meccas of the world.


Lantz Newberry
Lantz owned a home wine and beer making supply store in Olympia, Washington for over 7 years. He's been making wine since 1982 and beer since 1992. He is a computer graphic designer by profession. Other interests are American muscle cars, Japanese gardens and bonsai.

Will Ames
Will brewed his first batch of beer back in South Dakota during those long, cold winters that horror books are written about. Back then the best they could do was some olive oil/vinegar/syrup brew...but they drank it anyway and called it good. Any Questions? We all have to start somewhere, right?!!
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