The Brewery

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Double walled stainless steel mashtun converted from hot beverage server. 10 gallons capacity holds 24 lbs. of grain.
Stainless steel ABT false bottom. Poly hose fits perfectly into spigot hole eliminating the use of connectors. 10 gallon polyurethane mashtun converted from Rubbermaid cooler. Phil's Phalse bottom used.
Will supplying the grain while Lantz mashes in. Jacob supplying the grain while Will mashes in. Proof of "real" dedication. Snowing and 34F. No chance of our beers being Lambics.
Sparging the grains at 170F. The sparge usually lasts about 1 hour. Sparge arm made with soft copper, brass compression fittings and pvc pipe. Sparge arm made with soft copper, brass compression fittings and pvc pipe.
Chilling the beer to 65F. Chiller made from 50' of 3/4" soft copper which was wrapped around a soda keg. Sterilizing the fermenters. We use B-T-F Iodophor for sterilizing and 5-Star PBW cleaner for the tough stains. Spent grains which go into Will's garden. The wild rabbits love this stuff.
Our brand spanking new fermentation house! OK, OK so it's just an old pump house made to be so, but guess where we like to hangout. And what you've all been waiting to see, the precious liquid bread for the masses. Wyeast smack packs screaming in agony to be released into their new home. And you thought sharks went into a frenzy.
Will's daughter guarding the treasure. Don't laugh can't you see her holding the white rabbit? Remember Monty Python's Holy Grail? Nuf said. Chest freezer converted to refrigerator using a William's by-pass thermostat.