Blaine's 1967 Coronet R/T Convertible Clone

I purchased this Coronet 440 in the spring of 1986 and began it's restoration in 1988 when after driving it for a couple of years the transmission gave out. Shortly after a divorce forced the project to a halt due to finances. I remarried in 1991 and took the car to a new home which didn't have much of a garage except to store the project. For a few more years I slowly collected parts to add high performance options to the project should I get it up and running again. I found the R/T louvered hood scoop, bucket seats, auto console, disc brakes, swaybar and 150mph speedo. I also purchased a 1969 383HP auto doner car for it's drivetrain. I purchased many NOS electrical parts and new reproduction parts from YearOne. In the mid 90s further issues with the divorce and finances forced me to abandon the project all together. I sold the car to a local body shop who assured me they would restore it, which is all I wanted to see at that point. Eventually the body shop sold it to a couple I knew. Blaine the new owner called me shortly after to find out a little history on the car. We found that the body shop had sold the doner car and some of the extra doors and fenders and who knows what else. Blaine is a good guy and told me he was going to make it into a full blown R/T clone. He had to store the project for many years in anticipation of building a shop. I will post new pictures and update from Blaine as the project gets going again. As it stands the car has had some body work done to it but not much has changed since the 1988 pictures. I look forward to seeing this car put together after all the time, sweat and money that I put into it. Thanks Blaine for sticking with it.