This page displays my 3D graphics created with Electric Image 2.9.3. This is the same program used to create the queen's chrome ship in Star Wars Episode 1.

I started learning to use this program in January 2002. Although I am experienced with the full suite of Adobe products and 2D graphics, I had never used a 3D program before this. This page is a work in progress and will expand to include other models and animations.

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Lantz Newberry

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Aztec Pyramid
AGO Office Seal
R2D2 Droid

I spent a lot of time creating this droid and upon getting close to finishing it, my poor G4 400 tower with 2GB of ram and the Radeon 8500 in it became terribly bogged down. It takes forever just to open the file in either the modeler or animator. I think a G5 is called for if I'm ever to create complex models such as this again.

I haven't finished the dome or the back. I created this shortly after purchasing 3D Toolkit and going through the handful of beginner's tutorials that show how to use the basic tools. It's mostly just a lot of slicing and subtracting using other shapes as tools.